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This song is by Denial.

I am so out of touch with you
I fear my own existence
I fear that I won't see

I used to feel like you would listen
Looking down, watching over me
Every night you would be there
While I was on my knees
Asking for your forgiveness
Asking for your blessing
I try so hard to be a man
I try so hard to believe

Am I faithful
Or am I just a fool
Am I faithful
Do you still approve?

I feel so alone sometimes
And sometimes I'm empty

I don't want you to think that I'm not grateful
I don't want you think that I'm not trying
Please don't believe that I've forsaken
All that you have given to me

It's just that sometimes I don't understand
What it is you want me to be
I know that I question and question
Maybe I don't deserve to see

Please forgive me...

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