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Suddenly... The Hangman

This song is by Demonthor and appears on the album A Night For The Demon (1999).

Echoes through the stairs - on the way of the dungeon
Weighty steps - recall the hammer of the sentence
The frightening presage - becomes the cold death
Of the hope - The last empty plate...
The last rat crosses...

Suddenly ... the hangman
Freezes your last breath!

Moulded muscles - by the weight of the axe
Scars and past - silent shadow
"... Who are you death's servant,
Masked executioner..."
The victim's final contemplation
Mowed down in mystery.

"... Enchain him and give me the axe
See the waste on the wood
And the crust of blood...
Call the woodcutter!
Let him cut and bring a trunk.
On this, he will be the last..."

Suddenly ... the hangman
Freezes your last breath!
Suddenly ... the hangman
Poisons your last breath...
Sudden hangman - countless heads...
Unexpected hangman - his life, his deads

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