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Orgy In Torture And Blood

This song is by Demonthor and appears on the album A Night For The Demon (1999).

An oath written in blood - The promise of immortality
Has turned me and them into one - with our Lord
During seven waning moons - we closed the ceremony
Sacrifice to the lord of shadows - was consumed in his flames

After drowning the blood - of the newborn victim
Moonlight like skinned women - received us in lasciviousness and laughter
The screams of rapture and fire - fed the malevolence
Lust and lasciviousness unite - to our desire of perversity...

(In the) Old dungeons made of stones with its torches
Chains bind the white and beautiful ones
Smiling they beg to be whipped
Sounding: chains, screams, ecstasy and pain.

Orgy in torture and blood
Orgy in torture and blood
Orgy in torture and blood
Orgy in torture and blood

(Once) Virgins now they need more and more
Screams... they moan like hell
Savage, they swallow semen in lust
Blood runs on the pale innocent's skin...

"... Candles burn, reflecting the symbol
In the puddles of shed blood ..."

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