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Tear Down The Wall

This song is by Demons & Wizards and appears on the album Demons & Wizards (1999).

Deep in the void
My heart still bleeds

I am the only one
Here on the edge of life
Leaving this world behind
Dance on the edge of time

I think it is time now
To take what is mine

It all turns to black
A prophet or fool
Who's acting like god
As wicked and cruel
Follow my sign
As the mad gnome says
And now I'll dance
Into the sun

Tear down the wall
Let silence and madness reign
There is no future nor the past
Let us dwell in agony
Tear down the wall
I'll wipe out starlight
Let us tear it down
Let us tear down
The wall

He can't hold it back
Afraid of himself
The path in his eyes
He is lifeless inside ' Nothing is real
As the old gnome says
I think it is time now
To take what is mine

Tear down the wall
My madness you will follow
Tear down the wall
And don't look back
Tear down the wall
There is no future nor the past
Let us tear down the wall

The void seems like a cold asylum
I search for the last leaf
Hope, how I can find the answers
If all guardian angels are gone

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