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The Piper Is Back

This song is by Demonlord and appears on the album Hellforged (2006).

You are a victim
Evolution dies
Don't trust tomorrow
Wait until past lies

Turned off it's way
Insanity takes roots
On the path of decay

Never ever had a nightmare
Never ever had a dream
The human feelings
Are always under the heel

Gotta find another reason
Gotta find another way
But never ever forget to pay

It's playing on you, it's playing on me
You got what you wanted, you thought it was free
You did leave the deal, and not realized
Pay the price

It's coming for you, it's coming for me
You wait on the anvil, and you do not see
Today is the time
You have to pay the piper now

No, there is no chance left to run away
He's coming up
No, there is no chance to make a delay
You gonna pay
No, there is no loophole you better pray
He's coming up
No, there is no chance, you die anyway
You gonna pay

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