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Megiddo Massacre

This song is by Demoniciduth and appears on the album Post Tenebras Lux (2001).

(Music : Taanak/Jéhu)
(Lyrics : Ashtaroth-Karnaïm/Taanak)
(Children of darkness think they will win the war against The Light. But the truth is revealed to us, The chosen. On the final battle, evil will be annihilated forever and ever, nothing will remain, nothing. Total Armageddon holocaust!)

Listen, we declare the war to the dark.
The sword is ready to cut in pieces.
The Battle begin, warriors for Christ
United by blood: Holy massacre.
Demons, destroyed by the angels of Christ.
Belial, cudgelated by the Son of God.
Mutilation, stenching corpses, supreme destruction: Holy massacre.
Ritualistic goat killing, brutal carnage.
Total Destruction, complete annihilation.
Your flesh, burned by the devouring fire.
The worms, eating your carcassile bodies.
Evisceration, carnal butchery.
Dismembered heads: Holy massacre.
Victory, legions of Light hand in hand.
Freedom, Jesus Christ has come to reign.
Eternal One, Holy Warrior.
Eternal reign with Jesus Christ.
Angelic splendour, Holy Majesty.
You're the King of kings Lord of lords.
Eternal One, Holy Warrior.
Eternal reign with Jesus Christ.
(Revelation 20:7-15)

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