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Demonstealer (2000)Edit

Demonic Resurrection - Demonstealer


  1. My World Of Sadness
  2. From The Ashes
  3. Darkened Moon
  4. My Misery
  5. The Demonstealer
  6. Crestfallen
  7. The Sadness Still Remains

A Darkness Descends (2005)Edit

Demonic Resurrection - A Darkness Descends

A Darkness Descends

  1. Prelude To Darkness
  2. Dreams Of The Dead
  3. Apocalyptic Dawn
  4. Behind The Mask Of God
  5. Carnival Of Depravity
  6. Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains
  7. Where Shadows Lie
  8. A Darkness Descends
  9. Invoking The Demons
  10. Frozen Portrait
  11. The Summoning
  12. Overture To Glory

Beyond The Darkness (2007)Edit

Demonic Resurrection - Beyond The Darkness

Beyond The Darkness

  1. Journey To Solaris
  2. Celestial Disharmony
  3. And The Dream Will Cease To Exist
  4. Beyond The Darkness
  5. The Fallen Stars

The Return To Darkness (2010)Edit

Demonic Resurrection - The Return To Darkness

The Return To Darkness

  1. Between Infinity And Oblivion
  2. Where Dreams And Darkness Unite
  3. The Warriors Return
  4. A Tragedy Befallen
  5. The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance
  6. Bound By Blood, Fire And Stone
  7. Lord Of Pestilence
  8. Dismembering The Fallen
  9. The Final Stand
  10. Omega, I

The Demon King (2014)Edit

Demonic Resurrection - The Demon King

The Demon King

  1. The Assassination
  2. Facing The Faceless
  3. The Promise Of Never
  4. Death, Desolation And Despair
  5. The Demon King
  6. Architect Of Destruction
  7. Trail Of Devastation
  8. Shattered Equilibrium
  9. Even Gods Do Fall
  10. The End Paradox

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