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Satanic Psalms

This song is by Demoncy and appears on the album Faustian Dawn (1993).

I desecrate the one named Christ
In the shadow of demonic light
I burn the book of holy lies
And deny the words of god
I spurn the cross and ensorcel the weak
All dark knowledge is granted to me
My words bespeak of sin and blasphemy
I am lord and all bow to me
In the darkness of night
I invade the souls
Of the ones upon which
I cast my spells
Dark lords of the endless depths
I call to thee
To deliver unto me
All of my lusts and desires
I revel in the death
And destruction of my enemies
Infernal winged being
I am demon...
I invoke the infernal names
And gather the forces of darkness
The abyssic gates are open to me
I am the death of all that is holy
Christ, your blood is the wine of defeat
You corrupt the world in religious tyranny
Behold, Satan blessed be in our world of iniquity
Evil... hail...
With blackened heart I shred the meaningless rosary
And violate holy water to a state of impurity
Arms of darkness, open wide, wrap thyselves around me
Shower thy infernal blessings upon my diabolic being
Set the church aflame, only ruins shall remain
Our father who art in hell unhallowed be thy name
In nomine dei nostri satanas luceferi excelsi
I glorify the name of our satanic majesty
"Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven"
I abhor the christian faith with sorcery as my weapon
I hold high the sign of the inverted cross
And profanate the heavens in sacrilegious mockery
A warrior of the dark and unholy
I shall end the christian reign
With my sword of evil wisdom
All shall die by my hand
Torn from the cross in tormented cries
Jesus lies in rotting vomit, anno satanas lucifer rise
Sodomize the holy man with his crucifix
Let Jesus taste the pleasure of his own sins

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