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Risen From The Ancient Ruins

This song is by Demoncy and appears on the album Risen From The Ancient Ruins (2000).

Blackened spires of demonic shrine
Rise from ancient ruins forgotten in time
A castle that once stood
On dark stone mountains<
Now only ghastly specters guard
These lonely halls of contempt
For all of humanity
And my hatred is as cold as death<
As I lie in my tomb
Frozen forever...
Countless centuries have passed
And the spirits of old have become ghosts
That slowly rise above their graves
Only to fall and be forgotten once more,
But still I wait
As ancient warriors guard my soul
In this oblivion of snow and ice
Awaiting my rebirth
And on this night
Of darkest winter cold
The moon's light covers
My ascending throne
In it's pale unearthly glow
And I claw my way
Through the earth
To walk again
These lands of sorrow
Spreading my curse
An infinity of darkness

(Lyrics: ixithra, lord of the sylvan shadows)

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