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My Kingdom Enshrouded In Necromantical Fog

This song is by Demoncy and appears on the album Empire of the Fallen Angel (2003).

I stand tall amongst the ancient tombs
Reveling in their long dead knowledge
Breathing deeply of the putrescence
I feel at one with the elder spirits
That haunt the dreary place
Flowing cascades of deathly might
Swarm within my mortal frame
Transforming my once human visage
Into a ghastly vision of corruption and decay
Knowledge garnered from the long dead
Aids in my descent to the halls of death
I, the lord of death,
Adorned in hideous trappings
With dominion over all
The twisted ruler of an infinite kingdom
Enshrouded in necromantical fog
Amidst the ghouls I dwell
In a realm of marble and soil
My loyal subjects lie in wait
Of the day that I shall rise from my throne
And conquer the world with plague

(Lyrics: synvorlath)

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