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Final Battle for Our Once Glorious Midgard

This song is by Demoncy and appears on the album Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost (1999).

Fierce lightning strikes from the skies
Thunder breaks in approaching storms
From the almighty dark
Black hordes gather from the north
Riding forth on nightmare steeds
With hoofs of flame and eyes of red
The stars are hidden by menacingly dark clouds
But the moon shines bright
On gleaming black armor
And weapons of war poised for battle
The ancient sign of the dark crusades is risen above
On a banner of black for all to see
A symbol of hatred and victory to come
Dark horns resound the sound for all to attack
The dark minions meet their foes
In desolate fields and on frozen plains
A dark force charging into the blinding white light
Emanating from their enemies to extinguish it forever
Pools of blood taint the moon
A fearsome shade of crimson red
Consecrating these mighty realms in unholy darkness
None shall survive as the dark crusaders ride again
Forever spreading eternal war

(Lyrics: ixithra, lord of the sylvan shadows)
(And synvorlath, lord of the ancient moon)

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