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We Take The Throne

This song is by Demon Realm and appears on the album A Legend Of Power (2004).

Rise the swords in wrath
The day of the new dawn has come
Dawning of the darkness
Blood will we taste
For we are mighty and wise
The day of days has come
Now we take the throne
Souls of the netherworlds - unite in dark triumph
Burning souls of eternities unbound
Stand for the only evil that is true
This darkened day is now dawning
Eternity's from here on after is ours
What once was ours
We now take again
Our ancient throne - shall be regained
Darkness- Darkness
Be my wrath
Demon - Demon
Be my hate
War and domination is our means
The throne is ours once again
Our enemies are all dead and gone
We have conquered our throne
Forever the throne shall be ours

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