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The Coming

This song is by Demon Realm and appears on the album A Legend Of Power (2004).

To be the river
That flies in my head
To be the land
That burns in my head
To be the air
That flows in my head
To be the flame
That is solid in my head
Where he yearns
I call the storms
The seven winds
Speak my birth
Proclaim my name
The end is here
Bare witness to the I
For nothing shall remain everything
Vile evil demonic fornication
Spawned by blackness
To destroy his creation
Let the seven winds proclaim my coming
Let disease war and destruction
Be the omens of my arrival
Spawned into this earth the I
Let each child commit parricide
For from the womb life essence flows
As does the skies with lunacy
This is the dawn of the end
Like the celestial fire
Burning the red veil
When all comes
It shall be nothing
I am many
And we are one

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