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Flow Through The Black Stars

This song is by Demon Realm and appears on the album A Legend Of Power (2004).

Where They Keep The Dead
Swallow the decay
Where the liquid life flows
Form into nothingness
To have the answer
The clouds beckon
And the soil sleeps
What is shall be of none
Intermingled visions
Of dead dreams
Seek the dead
As a holy sacrament
Obscure sweet wine
The purity of black water
Under the rage
Who shall stand
Why must I be bound to earth
When my thoughts travel beyond
Why must I be bound to life
When I yearn for the end
Why must I be bound to flesh
When my mind knows no limits
The shadows burn
The flame appeases me
Be gone earth and flesh
Take these tired limbs of mine
To where the dead keep their bones
I am the soul of dead
Sinister Hate
Enchanting offerings
So I Scream For Mankind
Only In Death You Are Beautiful