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End Of Days

This song is by Demon Eye and appears on the album Tempora Infernalia (2015).

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Do you remember when the sky turned black
The oceans dry, the surface cracked
Leaders left, they took to the sky
Made us fools saying, "Watch them die."

We've all been lied to, all been made for fools now
Can't go back to what we used to do, no
Tomorrow's lost, worrying for yesterday
Lost the chance, for our final say

And I see the darkness come now
It's here to stay
Embrace the night, it falls now
Time has come, our end of days

You pray on your knees
Trying to see
Can it be
Can we control it

They say let it be
Can't you see
We're never free
'Cause we have brought it

The ones in your life
Look in their eyes
They won't be with you tonight

The ones that you've seen
They'll cease to be
They won't be with you tonight

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