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Night of the Demon (1981)Edit

Demon - Night of the Demon
Night of the Demon
  1. Full Moon
  2. Night of the Demon
  3. Into the Nightmare
  4. Father of Time
  5. Decisions
  6. Liar
  7. Big Love
  8. Ride the Wind
  9. Fool to Play the Hard Way
  10. One Helluva Night
Bonus tracks
  1. Wild Woman
  2. On The Road Again

The Unexpected Guest (1982)Edit

Demon - The Unexpected Guest
The Unexpected Guest
  1. An Observation
  2. Don't Break the Circle
  3. The Spell
  4. Total Possession
  5. Sign of a Madman
  6. Victim of Fortune
  7. Have We Been Here Before?
  8. Strange Institution
  9. The Grand Illusion
  10. Beyond the Gates of Hell
  11. Deliver Us From Evil
  12. Outro

The Plague (1983)Edit

Demon - The Plague
The Plague
  1. The Plague
  2. Nowhere to Run
  3. Fever in the City
  4. Blackheath - Part One
  5. Blackheath - Part Two
  6. The Writing's on the Wall
  7. The Only Sane Man
  8. A Step Too Far
  9. Outro

British Standard Approved (1985)Edit

Demon - British Standard Approved
British Standard Approved
  1. First Class
  2. Cold in the Air
  3. Touching the Ice
  4. Second Stage
  5. Proxima
  6. The Link - Part One
  7. The Link - Part Two
  8. New Ground
  9. From the Outside
  10. Wonderland
  11. Hemispheres (British Standard Approved)

Heart of Our time (1985)Edit

Demon - Heart of Our Time
Heart of Our Time
  1. Heart of Our Time
  2. In Your Own Light
  3. Genius
  4. Expressing the Heart
  5. High Climber
  6. Crossfire
  7. Grown Up
  8. Summit
  9. One Small Step

Breakout (1987)Edit

Demon - Breakout
  1. Life on the Wire
  2. Hurricane
  3. Breakout
  4. Living in the Shadow
  5. England's Glory
  6. Standing in the Shadow
  7. Hollywood
  8. The Big Chance
  9. Through These Eyes
  10. Finale
Bonus tracks
  1. End Piece
  2. Tonight (The Hero Is Back)

Taking the World by Storm (1989)Edit

Demon - Taking the World by Storm
Taking the World by Storm
  1. Commercial Dynamite
  2. Taking the World by Storm
  3. The Life Brigade
  4. Remembrance Day
  5. What Do you Think About Hell?
  6. Blue Skies in Red Square
  7. Time Has Come
Bonus track
  1. Trick Of The Light

Hold on to the Dream (1991)Edit

Demon - Hold on to the Dream
Hold on to the Dream
  1. No More Hell on Earth
  2. New Frontiers
  3. Hold on to the Dream
  4. The Lion's Share
  5. Eastern Sunset
  6. Barons of Darkness
  7. Ivory Towers
  8. Nothing Turned Out Right
  9. Out of the Shadows
  10. Shoot for the City
  11. Coming Home

Blow-out (1992)Edit

Demon - Blow-Out
  1. Still Worth Fighting For
  2. Everything Has Changed
  3. Visions of the Future
  4. Tell Me What You're Looking For
  5. Stop the Fire
  6. Crazy Town
  7. Victim of His Time
  8. Million Dollar Ride
  9. War Games
  10. Soldier of Fortune
  11. Visions of the Future II
  12. Sacred Heart

Spaced Out Monkey (2001)Edit

Demon - Spaced Out Monkey
Spaced Out Monkey
  1. Never Saw It Coming
  2. Sound of the Underground
  3. Cry From the Street
  4. Homeless
  5. Child of the Dark Sky
  6. Dreamtime
  7. Spaced Out Monkey
  8. Streetwise Cowboy
  9. Alone
  10. Where Are You Coming From?
  11. Let Me Out of Here

Better the Devil You Know (2005)Edit

Demon - Better the Devil You Know
Better the Devil You Know
  1. Better the Devil You Know
  2. Dead of the Night
  3. Standing on the Edge
  4. Taking on the World
  5. Temptation
  6. Warriors
  7. Live Again
  8. Obsession
  9. Change

Unbroken (2012)Edit

Demon - Unbroken
  1. Prey (Intro)
  2. Prey
  3. Shine a Light
  4. Unbroken
  5. Wings of Steel
  6. Fill Your Head with Rock
  7. Take Me to Your Leader
  8. Private Lives
  9. We Can Make It
  10. What About the Night
  11. I Still Believe

Other SongsEdit

  1. Only Sane Man
  2. Plague

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