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This song is by Demolition Hammer and appears on the album Time Bomb (1994).

Barbiturates and alcohol. Crashing through your veins like
Wrecking ball. Amphetamine and narcotic blur. Morality. Crash
And burn. Pathetic waste of a life. Human mistake a liar. Only
Do enough to get by. Excrement of society. Master - deceit.
You deserve to die. Bllod sucker. Exess. Animal. Low life, low
Life, low life, no life. Begging like a starving dog. Stealing
Like a weasel no remorse. At all. Vindicate your soul not an
Easy thing. Mark your prey. There's no stopping. Judas. Prey
Upon naive. Unfortunate. Victims, sriking like a snake. Try to
Find a way to justify. Treason, a staple of your life.

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