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Bread And Water

This song is by Demolition Hammer and appears on the album Time Bomb (1994).

Commit murder. First degree. Concealed weapon. Premedidated.
Point blank range. A powder burnt victim. Psychopathc homicide
Bringe. A torrid blood bath. Convicted. You know, I'm just a
Number. Life sentence. Parole the only answer. Bread and wa-
Ter. Court yard riot. Dealt a shank. Marked a sqealer. On my
Head a price. Death row stare. Electrified fences. Maximum
Security penn. Repeat offender. Suicide. Before I get hit.
Self inflict. Hang up or slit my wrist. Convicted. You know,
I'm just a number. Life sentence. You know I don't deserve to
Die. Gang rape. Snitch. Pay back. Sodomy.

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