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My Reason

This song is by Ντέμης Ρούσσος and appears on the album Greatest Hits (1985).

Musique. Musique.

I sing to you ma jolie fille,
A sense of main is deep in me,
I hope you like the sound of my musique.
I saw you pass by on the walk,
I couldn't find the words to talk,
So I will turn my feelings on musique.

I give you des chansons d'amour,
From ancient worlds and old folklore,
With memories and sound of my musique.
Just walk beside me hand in hand,
To my mediterranean land,
Listen to the voice of my musique.

I saw you smile inside and clear my way,
Your eyes reflecting sunlight in my heart,
You look so happy, girlfriend, and so gay,
So closed to me and yet so far apart,
I felt if I could take your hand
That you would really understand
The reason I sing ma chanson d'amour.

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