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Marie Jolie

This song is by Demis Roussos and appears on the album Reflections (1984).

Sometimes I feel
I'm alone
And I wonder what I'd do
If I couldn't turn to you
You are all my life and more
Take this love I give
Marie jolie
Marie jolie

The seasons change
But love remains
Growing like a rose in spring
All the summer sun can bring
I will find it when I'm with you
You are all I have
Marie jolie
Marie jolie
I know there'll be

Sad times for me
But as long as you are there
I know that I need not care
Love is everywhere you are
My life is the girl
Marie jolie
Marie jolie

But if you keep
Your love from me
I will have no way to turn
I will find if hard to learn
Living life without a dream
Which may will I be
Marie jolie
Marie jolie

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