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Lovely Lady Of Arcadia

This song is by Ντέμης Ρούσσος and appears on the album Greatest Hits (1985).

Original video
Number-One Hit
This song was a
Number-One Hit!
We met one magic summer day
A dream came true and blew away
For as our love began to grow
The time had come for me to go
Now all that I'm living for
Is to come back to you once more

Lovely lady of Arcadia
Promise you will wait for me
In your arms I found my Shangri-La
And it's where I long to be
Lost in love eternally

I feel alone among the crowds
And sunny skies are filled with clouds
I miss your kiss and you embrace
The tempting smile that lights your face
And just as long as we're a part
The same old song will haunt my heart


Lovely lady of Arcadia
When these lonely days are through
I will stay and pray Arcadia
Shall be paradise for two
Paradise for me and you

Shall be paradise for two
Paradise for me and you

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