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Slaying Grace

This song is by Dementor and appears on the album God Defamer (2004).

Lacerated slumbering ancients,
Stirred from rest they clamor
Calling forth the vehement storms
That shall thrash the earth

Taste the scorn of thy father's lips
Pestilential subjugation
Raging winds shall dispense your fate
Behold the frailty of god's creation

Slaying grace
Beautify through annihilation
Quenching Parasites
Purging waves of decay

Verminize-insects infest
Creation - destruction
Beset by dens of disease
Desecrated flesh is set to frenzy

Swarmed by gods feeble children
Witness the broken hands of creation
Humanity undone
Verification of recoiling wrath

Behold the frailty of god's creation

Explanation - Some would see mankind as an infestation upon the earth.
More or less the earth is attacking its unwanted inhabitants, casting from its surface humanity and its blight.
Its disposal for attack is more of the natural phenomena: rampant disease, weather altercations, earthquakes, etc.
Almost as if the earth is rejecting gods image:

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