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Opposites Beyond Eternity

This song is by Dementor and appears on the album Enslave The Weak (2001).

Now you are looking for Jesus
For the god of destitution
Now when your life ends
When the sins attack your soul

Look for him
Whom nobody has seen
Try to find his kingdom
Hoping it still exists
Infernal power
Will watch your steps
Always ready
To scorn the god of filth

Opposites beyond eternity
Opposites hidden in your mind

It is hard to find the god
It is hard to face your sins
There is no way to forgive
Mythical strife of the opposites
Dies with your mind

Redeem your soul
Forget all gods
Find your identity
Don't believe in lies

The sun shines for everyone
The wind blows free
There is no Master
Forgiving to the transgressor

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