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Assassination Attempt

This song is by Demented Youth and appears on the compilation Not So Quiet on the Western Front (1982).

Ronald Reagan you make me sick
Ronald Reagan you're a fucking dick
Reagan's a fascist and he can't deny
He's a fucking fascist and I hope he dies

Assasination attempt, this time we missed
Don't worry Reagan, you're still on the list
Ronald Reagan you lied to us
We're gonna run you over with a Greyhound bus

Reagan's eating acid jelly beans
He's tripping out on the political scene
Ronnie does whatever mommy says
She runs the country but she won't give him head

All the assholes who voted for you were given the shaft
Kill for democracy, your stuck with the draft
Fuck you Reagan we don't need your type
Fuck you Reagan we don't think you're right

Ronald Reagan you son of a bitch
Ronald Reagan you favor the rich
Ronald Reagan you better wake up
Better watch out or we'll fuck you up

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