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​Get A Way

This song is by Dem Getaway Boyz.

I know you tired of ya nigga
Ya mad at ya nigga
Ya sad with cha nigga
So let me be ya get a way
Let me be ya get a way

Girl you don't need him girl ya really need me
Cause a real ass nigga dat'll knock you off ya feet
So drop dat lame come get with a g doh
'Cause I know you so sick of him like ne-yo
I can see it in ya eyes, got ya stressed and tired from the foolish games
U don't really want dat, girl lemme help dat, baby lemme be yo get a way
He a waste of yo time, got you broke down cryin, is dat yo man
Gimme a chance so I can free dat, I can do you betta, way better den he can
Why you got a long face, aw you had a long day, nigga on yo case
Girl that's cool, he cool with me and you, won't cha send him on his way

Yeah I think you was a capricorn, girl lemme take ya home
Let me do a special thang, girl neva treat ya wrong
Do you rite, treat you rite, buy you erething you like
If you open up to me then I'll live witcha rite
Yeah you got a man, but why you wanna stay
Let yung cali just be ya get a way
Yeah we can get a way, take ya a private place
Take you on a shoppin' spree, girl you will neva pay
Stacks on deck, yeah you know I'm ridin' clean
In a 84 cutlass, yeah I'm sittin' on the thing
Ridin' real smooth, yeah I'm real cool
Let me be ya get a way, yeah I know what to do
Fuck that otha dude, girl it's me & u
Ye ain't neva had a nigga do you like me boo
Ye ain't neva had a nigga do you like me boo
Yeah I keep it pluggin, 'cause I'll have you tooled

I want a dyme piece
5'5", brown eyes, caramel skin, with da thick thighs
Promiscuous girl, let me find ya, where ya at
Need a nigga like me, cause ya man whack
Drop dat lame, come get with a g
Meet me at the mall, I guess around three
Whisper in ya ear make ya weak to ya knees
Take ya to da crib maybe just you and me
The way I put it on ya, u be screamin cali
I beat dat pussy up like muhammad ali
I'll knock ya ass to sleep, and 1-2-3
Ye ain't eva had it from a real nigga like me
Squad niggas guaranteed to sweep ya off ya feet
Ya dats a fab 4, with me in da seat
Ya dats a fab 4, with me in da seat
Squad niggaz guaranteed to sweep ya off ya feet

He said he loved u (no)
He said he'll do for u (no)
He said he'll stay witchu (no)
He said he'll be witchu yeah
And did he love u (no)
And did he hold u (oh no)
Tried to console u (no)
Meet you while in your needs
But did he stay by u (no)
After what he took you through (no)
Always protected u (no)
And he called you baby boo (no)
Then I'll protect u
Whatever I do
I'll give mi all 2 u
I'll turn mi back those 4 u