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​Fucking Song

This song is by Dem Getaway Boyz.

Girl you need to let me take you home, I wannna make you moan, see you with your panties off And we can make love to this fucking sone, yeah it's a fucking song, girl it's a fucking song
This is the fucking song, fucking song, fucking song, Girl
This is the fucking song, fucking song, fucking

Ain't wasting time fuck the talking, take the clothes off, I'm the type of nigga thata fuck you till you dose off
Lock da doors, turn off the lights, play this song and I bet I fuck you right.
Ay I'm a hit it from the back, hit it from the side, hit it from the front, or (or) you can ride.
Yalll envie, I hit it right when I'm in it baby, oh yes believe it you gone get more then a minute baby

You sexy sweet, I love you vibe it's like a melody, your voice is like a harmony loving every song it sings
Feeling like a fantasy, trapped up in this romanctic scene, there's the path now heres the key, no telling where this door might lead
First comes the shirt, then comes the pants, then come the panties Oh outstanding
Now I'm the type to make you feel complete, fly got what you want baby you got what I need.

Ay well I'm the type, yeah I'm known to get lil shawty off, call her kit-kat cause you know I'm bout to broke her off
Ay she a freak, and she down for whateva, dat means well do whateva, wheneva, where eva together, ay she like my style
And she say she like the way I talk, put that thing on her and I change the way lil shawty walk, she got a ass, lookin' right in a thong
We bout to make long passionate sex to this song

I'm bout to lay it down cause you know I'm the one, this is a fucking song, it make you wet in the draws
And then once I stroke in and out I make you scream OH YEA GIVE ME SOME MORE

(Chorus: until it end)