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​Dat's Da Way Dey Roll

This song is by Dem Franchize Boyz and appears on the album Dem Franchize Boyz (2004).

I heard dem boyz got plenty dough
I heard dem boyz smoke nothin' but drough
I heard dem boyz takin' ova ya know
And that's the way dem boyz roll (oh oh oh oh)

I know ya heard a lot but did ya hear the right thang
It's more than sellin weed and whippin up some cocaine
Gotta know the streets the tricks and trays to make the right play
But stay focused like ya mind in a chess game
Get to the money that's the only thing that matter mane
Believe in ya dough choose zeroes over hoes mane
Even when ya hurt be a starter not a second string
Produce like troops throw it up like ya serve game
Get ya weight up nigga 'cause I'm seein six figures
The girls like me now but the hoes used ta dig us
Plus they tryina eat tryina get a lil bigga
Tryina see mo money than a fuckin' bank tilla
Now I get money straight flowin like a riva
'Cause every otha week my bank account get bigga
All on BET hangin' out wit Tigga
Chromed out engine paint flipped like some Skittles

See people where I'm from thought I was lyin' fo real
When I said I hit a lick 'cause I done signed a deal
Naw I ain't tryina prop I'm just tryina live
If success is at the top I'm finna climb the hill
And we can't be stopped we headin to the last level
If ya in the way we steppin on ya like a gas pedal
It's Franchize and you know we don't play
We takin' over so niggas get out the way
I'm kicked back burnin placks with this stick black motta
Pussy and dollas homie ya know I get a lot of
Tinted glass mash the gas in a black Monte Carlo
My bitch clean rims spin when I stop her
I'm young fresh hot and I'm blerssed ya feel me
My bristles wanna fuck but they niggas won't kill me
A rich fly wise guy them jokas hate when I ride by
A MC six screen scatin on 25s

Now ev'ryody wanna make it
But when the chance comesand there's a risk ya gotta take it
A lotta niggas hate it but face it we done made it
Franchize gone rise bitch we da butt naked
I don't do this shit for free I was paid to be here
This ain't no mistake I was made to be here
And my chains been diamond since birth
We all get money and we all smoke purk
I'm doin' good now you can say htat I'm blessed
'Cause livin' in these streets you need a gun or a vest
That's why niggas study 'cause it's nothin' but a test
Ya heard one thang but ya didn't hear the rest
Ya knew I'd make it one day was just a matter of time
People sayin' quit playin' boy ya wastin ya time
Look at 'em now switcharoo I bet they wish they could trade
And now my mama gettin' calls oh I ain't know that was P.J.