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​45's, Choppaz & 9's

This song is by Dem Franchize Boyz and appears on the album Dem Franchize Boyz (2004).

45, n choppas 'n' nines

Aye yeah nigga mutha fuckin' franchise in this bitch, franchize records, nigga popin they

Mutha fuckin' gun like we ain gon do shit. We don do no mutha fuckin' fightin jees a man

Trigga man, load dat choppa up mutha fucker, yeah,(reload) buddy dat 45 ready niga? (reload)

Aye pimpin' ur 9 cop dem train (reload) niga, yeah you know I keep mine 1 in da

Chamber,(reload) aye wat the fuuck,(reload) hard nine,(reload) nuts,(reload) me?(reload)

Work?(reload), all dese mutha fuckin' guns,(reload) we ain gat no more mutha fuckin'


All you hear is the (reload) wen I lay you down on the ground it's the (reload) sound they

Popin like they hard but they feel (reload) they hoes I know that they get scared wen they

Hear (reload) (Oh no), first I get the k and den I (reload) its danger, den I load a huned

Rounds,(reload) (one in da chamber), you gotta aim at the chest up,(reload) (thro dem 45's)

Then shoot at they head if they vest up,(reload) (load dem glock 9's) my ak 45 and nine milli

Cock bak you like a runt, one squeeze a button will make ur head drop bak, wen I hear my

Bitch say,(reload) I'm redy to go, but wen you hear my bitch say (reload), I'm lettin her go,

So wat mutha fucker wat,(reload) now here they come, you betta duk mutha fucker duk (reload)

'Cause you cnt run. Man fuck dem bitch ass nigas talkin' dat fuck shit niga, load dem mutha

Fuckin' guns up ride out.

45 and choppas and nines (reload) (whoo my) (x4)

Step on the scene wit the green and a (reload) wen shit get ugly I put the beam on the

(Reload) the block den became a murder scene cause the (reload) first it was shots now

Sirens from the (reload) franchize the team an we da king from wit the (reload) I don't gotta

Say a thing you gimmie cream wen you hear (reload) I'm makin' shit spark like new years eve

With the (reload) my tool like a broom I sweep dem clean wit the (reload).

Dese niggas b runin dey mouth but they don't wan drama I finna kidnap they daughta 'n' send a

Note to her mama I can wear tims and sweater 'n' still b cool in the summa ride on you nigas

Like paper but my tool in my lama I'm movin work in da hood and y'all ain seein my numba I'm

Paranoid alredi I keep dat tool tuked unda wen I pull up in da club its 26 on da humma

(Reload) armed wit rokets armed wit choppas thicked out like necks on a lama.

45 and choppas and nines (reload) (whoo my) (x4)

Wen it comes to war you know I'm able son,(reload) my tool makes a sound like a staple gun,

(Reload) betta run. You scared you wanna live...(reload) give it up, know you familiar wat a

Robber is don't get bust, (reload) touch niggas for cashflow, lock 'n' load, pitch star down a

Dusty road,(reload) nigga froze he didn't like my sound chek (reload) clock tec, hoe I want

Ur whole chek.

Every nigga gat the heart to make it (reload) but wen its time to pull the trigger they gon

(Reload) choke but if I reach the part to where I (reload) I'm lettin it flow and if it jam

Up I'm gon (reload) release sum moe, empty out the clip (reload) I don't need no word my team

Trained to go where anytime (reload) da sun ya betta know military mind on the grind like

Commando flashlight 4.5 wit a pistol grip handle.

And they talk about my mutha fuckin' boys ain ready, I gotta mutha fuckin' squad on my mutha

Fuckin' hands, FRANCHIIIIIZZEEE! dem franchize boys, franchize records, tell dem niggas you

Alredi mutha fuckin' know we takin' ova da mutha-fuckin' street nigga.

45 and choppas and nines (reload) (whoo my) (x4)


(Whoo my) x4