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Meet Cleofis Randolph The Patriarch

This song is by Deltron 3030 and appears on the album Deltron 3030 (2000).

(Feat. MC Paul Barman)

(MC Paul Barman)
What's happening?
I keep my dreadlocks in a napkin ring
Rap and sing
Unlike the homogenous clones
I'm into earthtones, birthstones, and erogenous zones
The more ticklish the more you have
Sitting on the curb of what used to be the burbs
And before that was Canarcie
I'm a disturbed and bitter herb
Like saltwater and parsley
Mites crawl up, tights fall down
That's my mnemonic for stalactite slash stalagmite
You may have this Maglite
It survived the apocalypse
And for the fragile force of an agile horse
Here's a handful of very special chocolate chips

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