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This song is by Deltaforce 23.

Thank you to chance
For bringing you into our lives,
You make this two a three.
Eliminate the need for genes they don't make a family.
They don't make you near and dear to me it's who you are.

There are times that try a man's soul,
And it's those times that I will keep you from wholly falling all over yourself
When you fall down I'll hold your head up.

Younger brother,
My younger brother I'd do anything for you.
You know I mean it truly.
I've always been behind you,
Where no one said you'd find me.
Like a shadow I'll be by your side.

Then there's me,
Daydream believer with my head up in the clouds.
Potential for a fall is always looming just behind.
I know that you'll both be there when the floorboards collapse and I fall blindly.