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This song is by Deltaforce 23.

Frankly my friend,
And I use the term loosely,
This time we've spent together is not exactly of my choosing.
You're starting to scare me and your anger seems real.
Don't know if you're kidding when you tell me you would pull the trigger.

You tell me he's not one of them but who the hell are they?
Justify the things you say with misplaced blame for our today.
Is it so easy to see just what is right and what is wrong, a look at your reflection might be just what you needed all along.

Point your finger while I turn my head and walk away,
Told you that I don't agree and there's nothing more for me to say.
Jail time's not what I had in mind but it may be what's in store,
You might get a chance to see the other side from a prison floor.

These lines that we all draw solely exist inside our minds,
Your anger blinds you from the fact not everyone is taking sides.
Someday you say I'll thank you when my grandchildren are pure,
But with that rationale we've committed genocide and holy wars.
Separate and segregate my friend.

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