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​Happy New Year

This song is by Deloris and appears on the album The Pointless Gift (2001).

I should have known to be afraid
Things always happen on holidays
Something in the water or sun
Turns just a friend into just someone
Someone new someone complete
Someone that takes over your best friends feet
At breakfast time you start again
Darting eyes make darker friends
So when you get home and we don't ring
You can take out your purse
And say that's him
He used to be so good to me
He used to be so kind
I wish it wasn't true
I guess it happens all the time

The fireworks
And fire falls down
On a thousand kids
Running through this town
But all I can think
Is it isn't right
That I can drink and wear
Short sleeves at night

But I can't look at her
And I can't breathe
And I can't stand up
Or stay on my feet
And I can't lean
Right up to her ear
And whisper
Happy new year