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Colleague, What We Have Lost Is Enormous

This song is by Deloris and appears on the album The Pointless Gift (2001).

How come you're too tired to even dance
I'm not giving out no second chances
For a special lady I've got a special kiss
It makes me sick to see you like this
One arm against the doorway frame
Half your face dressed in lamp-light
How come you won't stand straight
How come you won't dance for a while

Press down on the stereo foam and feel
That brass rock 'n' roll your bones
Isn't it good to feel something's certain
Even if it's understanding sound
Even if it's just a simple waltz
Around this apartment
That I even let you choose
Only thing now before you go
I'm going to dance for you

What we've lost is enormous

How come you won't let me get you shoes
I'm sure that I could help you choose ones
That understand your hurting head
Oh come on it can't be all that bad
It's been a week since we danced and
I'm getting sick of itchy feet

What we've lost is enormous

And when you're gone
I will still love your shoes

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