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Fools Meeting

This song is by Delivery and appears on the album Fools Meeting (1970).

It was a fools meeting last night
Ooh it was a fools meeting, last night
But I'm so glad you left me, now I sit here on my own

But in the morning, yeah when the day begins
Oh-agh every morning, just before the day begins
Oh I still want your lovin', so what you gonna do
Oh you said a wait until the next time
Then I'll be back again
But you know I can't wait till the next time
Oh baby how you lead me on, oh how you lead me on
You know I want your lovin' oh, so come on lead me on

Been a fools meeting
Oh I don't care how foolish I am, no no no no
There's been a fools meeting,
There's nothing wrong with being a fool once in a while
So come on man, yeah and give me that lovin' again
Oh yeah oh oh

Said I wait until the next time
When you gonna be back again
You know I wancha, I wancha, I wancha
You said a wait until the next time
When you're coming back again
Oh be a foolish woman yeah
Oh anytime you want me to
Yeah come on, come on, oh

It's been a fools meetin'
It's been a fools meetin'
I don't remind you baby, call me, call me a fool now
Come on and get back down now and love me baby
Tell me every time now, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna yeah
Tell me I'm a fool man
Give me any foolish lovin' you can, oh

Ah, it's been a fools meetin' it's been a fools meetin'
I want ya, I want ya, I don't care, I don't care, how may times
Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah, ah, oh
In the morning, in the night-time, everyday I want ya
Won't ya be my baby, yeah, oh oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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