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Show Me Heaven

This song is by Delirious? and appears…

Here, I am not alone,
There is nowhere I can run to,
On my own,
Here, never from Your sight,
You lighten up my darkest hour,
Shine Your light,
You make me wait,
You make it bright.

Show me heaven,
Show me heaven.

Here, I am not afraid,
There is somewhere i can run to.
Here, my dear shining bright.
No more shadows fall around me.
It's worth the wait,
No it's not too late.

Show me heaven,
Come show me heaven.

Show me heaven,
Come show me heaven.

Come on, - spoken

Show me, show me,
Heavens what I'm living for,
Show me, show me,
Heaven can I wait no more?
Show me, show me what to sing,
Loving You's the only thing.

Show me heaven,


Written by:

Delirious? members

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