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This song is by Delicate News and appears on the album Scoff (1996).

Wake up! Feel your pain!
What next fool / I won't forgive anything
Problems? / soon you'll even miss them
And now you'd care for my visit
Ready! / look at me / look at your enemy
Feed your head!
News / wars / rumors
Sometimes real facts
Sex / illusion / bloodshed
Daily terror / is it a natural process
Focus of a blesses land
Honey for the killers of your fallen sons
You know / this hunt I ever won / take it!
Ignore the Screams in your head / turn up my voice
Eat my dreams / believe me! I'm your TV screen
Come on get the easy way out!
Trust me! Trust me!
Come on get the easy way out!
Follow me! Follow me!
Come on get the easy way out!
Wake up! Feed your head!

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