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This song is by Delicate News and appears on the album Scoff (1996).

Wasting all my time
My life passing by
All the shit that happens in my head,
Brings me down, makes me sad
Ain't found a way to leave this pit
It seems to me like an everlasting Sunday-trip
Inhale my words squeeze your brain
Nameless wounds frighten me
Did your ever feel the same
Welcome to my womb, welcome to my scorn
Sand rains in my pallid face
Now I'll dig you under my thorns
I couldn't remember who you are and what I am,
I only know I'm the sickness in a perished land
'And I'm bleeding with you every day,
God knows I feel like dirt,
I'm your lover when I hurt you,
The owner of an unknown bloody shirt'
Whatsoever I've feared it happens when I meet you
Naked in the glow of your frame
Lost in a moment of a daydream
Walking in my sleep
Did you learn anything from me?
Whatsoever I'll get you