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This song is by Delerium, features Rani and appears on the album Poem (2000).

Something fearless in your eyes
Something careless about your smile
Something fragile when you hold your breath
And when you move
You move right through me

Fingertips so gently on my skin
I'm underwater
I feel the flood begin
Fingertips so gently on my skin
You're taking over and over again

Shed your armour
Spin your web
Hypnotise me with the longest stare
Make your promise
Or maybe it's a threat
'Cause when you look
You look right through me

We're flesh and bone
Together and alone
And we're looking for a home

Silver moonlight fills the sky
Calling gently to the evening tide
You're unfolding right before my eyes
And when you move
You move right through me

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