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This song is by Delerium, features Camille Henderson and appears on the album Karma (1997).

Bleak desolation in a beam of sun
Scraping as I crawl (your heart can't hear me)
Tearing, bruising fall (your hands can't hear me)
Thirsting, raging, blind (your eyes can't hear me)
Racing against time (your arms can't hear me)

Like an angel you'll come
In a dream, precious one
Make me beautifully numb

Desperate panicked calls (the wind can't hear me)
Muffled, weak and small (the sand can't hear me)
Pleading, groping hands (the truth can't hear me)
Bleeding in the sand (your heart can't hear me)

Bleak desolation in a beam of sun

Like an angel you'll come
In a dream, blessed one
Make me joyfully numb

Razor fingers cling (the wind can't hear me)
Piercing demons sing (the sand can't hear me)
Twisting hollow hell (the truth can't hear me)
Burning blisters swell (your heart can't hear me)
Sharp cut, aching breath (your arms can't hear me)
Choking scent of death (your hands can't hear me)
Gruelling jaw bone grind (your eyes can't hear me)
Cursed by my own mind (your heart can't hear me)

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