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Never Been Rocked Enough

This song is by Delbert McClinton and appears on the album Never Been Rocked Enough (1992).

I watch you come in here
Night after night
You sit over in the corner
Where there ain't no light
You got a beautiful smile
But you don't have fun
Somethin' about you baby
Been left undone

You've been over here in the dark so long
I ain't no doctor, but I know what's wrong'
You never been rocked enough
You never been rolled just right
You act tense and nervous
You know Honey, you're too uptight
You never been rocked enough
You never been rolled just right
My time is your time baby
And baby I've got all night

I don't pull no punch
I don't play no games
It ain't none of my business
But it seems a shame
Now I can't hold back
I got to speak my mind
You look like a woman
That needs a real good time


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