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This song is by Delay and appears on the album Jumpstart My Heart (2005).

How can we be expected to forgive
Those who trample our soul?
The ones who bring on red vision
And lack of self control
There's this lump of pride and bitterness that's choking me blue
I can't forget what I despise I can't forgive you
New memories are Novocain to make the old ones numb
But with the slightest reminder, back the pain will come
With the slightest reminder, and then we're on the run
Look what I have done as well
It is a part of me that I don't like if you couldn't tell
Sorry can't take away the hard truth or a lie
Forgiveness to me is just another word I will replace with forgetting
Or fake smiles or pretending but never truly letting what happen be forgiven
Never forgive, can you ever forgive?
I said I'm sorry, isn't that supposed to make everything okay?
Forgive me can I make this right?

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