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This song is by Delay and appears on the album ...Don't Laugh (2006).

Making faces, ruining pictures because we are young
We're sticking out our tongues and you do it too
You're so much fun, going on eighty wonderful you are to me and in this picture I can see everything I want to be like you, like you
You're faking a smile in this picture, you were so cold
You would have had me sold if I had not been there
You could cut the tension in the air
I spilled red pop down your shirt
The other one I ruined with dirt
I didn't mean for us to get hurt, but I smile when I see this picture
I don't take many pictures, I keep them in my mind
They keep me up at night when I got them on rewind
I've got a picture of you and you're singing out loud
Your eyes are closed, standing from the crowd and you, your face is red
Feet are pounding, sweat pouring from your head and we didn't care who even saw us or who was there
So we danced all night and we've got pictures to prove it

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