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Lightning Storm

This song is by Delay and appears on the album ...Don't Laugh (2006).

We were camping at
Harbor and we opened up the car door to watch a lightning storm.
You know that
Mom was freaking out, but you were and
Scout and you said that I could get out.
And these are you old stomping grounds, I can almost hear your heart pounding as a young man.
You said your youth was fun, but I think that you're glad that it's done.
He said he never done nothing worth talking about until he was twenty-one.
His parents didn't care and you know they'll never get it, but I do and I say you did it.
And look at your now, I don't even know how you came so far, but I think that's why, and it makes you who you are.
Her youth was wasted on being wasted and running with the wrong crowd.
It took someone to take away her choice before she could figure that out.
And look at you now, so strong and secure, and I think that's why, and makes you young till you die.
They stole your youth, so now you've got some living to do.

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