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Jumpstart My Heart

This song is by Delay and appears on the album Jumpstart My Heart (2005).

Who's been giving me the drugs that are making me feel so apathetic
The state that they've got me in is totally pathetic
I sleep all day but I hardly sleep at night
I'm tired of pretending that everything's all right
When it's not but this is all I've got
I wish that you didn't have to work
I wish that your dad wasn't a jerk
I'm sorry that I screw up a lot
I'm sorry that I hurt you more often than not
Forget the TV and ABC family
Our life is no movie that's not how this is gonna be
But this is all I've got who's the face in the mirror
Who doesn't know what he wants when he's got it
The one with the strong heart but it seems like he's forgot it
It's time to take your heart and put it right back in your chest
Like my dad he always says all you can do is your best
And I say it is much too late I am who I am today
It's too late 'cause this is who I am
Jumpstart my heart!

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