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Honest Effort

This song is by Delay and appears on the album Jumpstart My Heart (2005).

I'm short on ideas but I'm not short on anger and confusion
You say that I don't control my life and you don't know who I am
Well maybe I don't either
Do you see my effort? Or just the things I lack
I'm only mad 'cause I know you're right and now I'm watching my back
You look at me analytically but I'm passive towards myself
I don't know if this is good for us but I know it's bad for my health
I'm angry because you made me look at myself
I'm angry because you made me doubt myself, I doubt myself now
And my relationships they are falling apart
And I'm growing further from you
I want to say that this is someone else's fault
But it's as much me as it is you
How come I feel like I'm on trial when all I need is a friend?

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