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Formula For Success

This song is by Delay and appears on the album ...Don't Laugh (2006).

Waking up early 'cause there's so much to be done
Waking up early 'cause you love someone
I've got a lot of dreams, hope I get to at least one
Better wake up tomorrow 'cause I've only just begun
Don't sleep in, you're gonna let them win
They're gonna get their way, keeping you in bed all day
I'm staying up late 'cause the night is young
Staying up late because you love someone, staying up late, school and work can wait
I'm tired all day but I like it that way
So don't go home yet and you'll see how good life gets
Don't go to bed
There are still fun times to be had
Late to bed, early to rise
I will sleep on the day I die
Hell yeah!

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