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This song is by Delay and appears on the album ...Don't Laugh (2006).

You've got some friends that like to hang out and get drunk at your house on Friday night
You've known them since grade school, they've got a big mouth, they won't leave until you kick them out
A local band will argue
Your brother is gonna drink too much again
And it will happen again
The same old friends pulling the same old shit
You know? We've got some acquaintances in Columbus that get drunk at our house on weekend nights
Some just want to smoke outside
Te won't dance to save their lives
I just want our living room to feel like it might explode tonight
Would that be all right? You know that'd be all right
It's ok to leave your beer cans all around, we're gonna have to wake up early then we'll sweep and mop the ground
Do it again now! Is this your scene too?

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