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Here And Now

This song is by Del Amitri and appears on the album Twisted (1995) and on the album Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri (1998).

Hey I'm with you, let me just get you a light
And if we had thought to listen
We might have checked if the weather was right
And I don't mind if you want to drive all day

Hey, it's raining, I should have brought my coat
Sometimes I could sell my soul
Just to sit and watch you smoke
And I don't mind if you want to break my heart

'Cos you can burn paper
You can turn on a wheel
But you can't change later
Here and now just how good we can feel

Hey, stop talking, think I can hear the sea
And did I tell you the sound of the surf
Makes strange things happen to me
And I don't mind if you want to crash the car

'Cos you can turn traitor
You can turn on your heels
But you can't change lady
Here and now just how good we can feel

And hey don't worry, so that black cat's some kind of curse
'Cos if bad times are coming up ahead
Just put us in reverse

I don't want to waste time thinking 'bout here and now
Nothing else matters but what we've got here and now

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