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​Release The Dogs

This song is by Dekapitator and appears on the album We Will Destroy... You Will Obey!!! (1999).


Cry out in war, smash through the gates
Flames burning high, now mayhem awaits
Call in the war machines, unsheath the steel
Scream out for violence, death we shall deal...
At war with gods
Against all the odds
Through rivers of blood...

Release the dogs [6x]

Hot on there heels, the thundering horde
All false ones and deceivers
Fall under our swords
Let loose the winds of death
Howling loud and long
Take their lives without mercy
The reaper sings his song
Always on the attack
As the skies all turn black
Now let run with the pack

Release the dogs [6x]

In the name of the slaughter
In the name of the gun
This is the only spirit by which ours will be done
In this game of the slaughter which has only just begun
This is the unholy spirit by which our war be won...
We pass this sentence of death
So take your last breath
Now off with your heads...

Release the dogs! [6x]