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​Hell's Metal

This song is by Dekapitator and appears on the album We Will Destroy... You Will Obey!!! (1999).

Attack from below, death's wind starts to blow
Midnight tolls
Evoking the force, summon the hordes
Burn their souls
Evil's power is growing, the metal is glowing
Burning hot
Hold high your steel, now death stands revealed
Ready or not!

Hell's... Metal! Hell's Metal!

Hellfire in red, banging your head
Metal pounds
Leading the way, in darkness we stay
Cut 'em down
Poseurs start running, for them we are gunning
Watch 'em bleed
Crank up the steel, a grinding metal wheel
At maximum speed!

Hell's... Metal! Hell's Metal!

Hell's metal grinds on, till this world is gone
Nuked to ash
Fallout fills the skies, everyone dies
In a blinding flash
Thermonuclear reign, of blood, death, and pain
Satan laughs
On warheads we ride, for mass genocide
Death rules at last!

Hell's... Metal! Hell's Metal!